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Whether you’re a teenager getting your driver’s license for the first time or a new adult driver getting back on the road, driving is a big responsibility, and our driving school provides all the tools and resources you need to learn how to safely navigate the roads and pass your test. At All State Driving School, we’re dedicated to producing more confident drivers who are fully prepared for their exciting new journey ahead. In the busy cities of the Greater Toronto Area, it’s essential that everyone knows how to share the road, accommodate for Canada’s changing weather conditions, and most importantly, drive defensively. Our classes include both in-class and in-car lessons to fully teach students everything they need to know to be safe, responsible drivers.

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    Keeping The GTA’s Roads Safe

    One Driver at a Time

    Our driving school helps Greater Toronto Area drivers prepare for the obstacles they may face while driving through our busy city and the rest of Ontario. Every course we offer is MTO-approved and teaches students the correct and proper methods for driving safely. The more smart drivers we can put on the road, the safer our communities are for everyone enjoying them. It’s our job to do our part and prepare students to be the best drivers they can be, protecting themselves and others around them. The skills and techniques we teach will be valuable for the rest of your life, no matter where your journey takes you.

    Why Use Driving School?

    Higher Success Rates

    We pride ourselves on our high success rates for all of our students, and give you all of the tools you need to pass your driver’s license with flying colours. Driving school helps better prepare students for the tasks and skills that are going to be on the test, increasing their chances for a pass on the first try.

    Lower Car Insurance Premiums

    Upon successful course completion, qualified All State Driving School graduates may be eligible for a potential reduction in insurance premiums.

    Get Your G2 Faster

    If you take a ministry-approved driving school course, you can qualify to take your G2 road test in eight months instead of the one-year waiting period. That’s four months sooner than you’d have to wait, with more preparation and confidence when you’re finally allowed to hit the road on your own.

    Valuable Lifelong Skills

    On top of all of these perks, driving school provides valuable skills that all drivers should know to keep the roads safe for themselves and for other drivers. We’ll make sure you’re always prepared for unexpected situations, and teach you how to handle whatever your travels throw at you along the way

    Let The Experts Take Care of The Job

    Back in the day, many people grew up with parents, friends, or family members teaching them how to drive. The problem with this is that over the years, when people have been driving for some time, they develop habits that aren’t necessarily unsafe but aren’t suitable for the official Ontario ministry’s rules and regulations. It’s not their fault, either – it’s not hard to forget how to parallel park when you haven’t had to do it in decades. Sure, it’s free to have a parent teach their child the ropes, but a professional driving instructor is the most knowledgeable person around to teach new drivers the proper practices and techniques to stay safe and pass their road test. Our team of driving instructors are highly trained and certified, with constant practice and strict adherence to the rules set out by the Ministry. Your goal is the same as ours – for you to pass your test and start driving safely.

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    All State Driving School offers a variety of course times and options for the Greater Toronto Area’s future drivers, from evening and weekend courses to summer classes, as well as pick-up and drop-off driving lessons. No matter how busy you are, we’ll have a time that works for you and instructors who are always willing to work with your schedule.